A wedding is a moment in time frozen into a series of photographs: each photograph a memory shared for the rest of your lives, but these pictures also constitute something even more significant: an heirloom, a unique artefact that will probably remain in your family for hundreds of years. After you are gone, you will still gaze at your great, great grandchildren from these photographs, captured by the lens in all your youthful vitality and beauty - forever young. These photographs not only mark your wedding but will become part of your history. Only the best will do.

"Mahendra is more like a close family member than a professional photographer. He's thoughtful and attentive and does his best to create a 'look' that perfectly matches a client's expectations. He'll take photographs that you'll be proud to show to family and friends. His two photographic assignments for me have been excellent. A very satisfied customer!" Andrew Brandon

Can you trust anyone else with your wedding? Mahendra has over ten years of professional experience. He has the artist's flair without the artist's temperament: a likeable person with an unobtrusive approach to his trade. Armed with his cameras, he fits seamlessly into the wedding. He is a perfectionist and his attention to detail and concern for people informs his photography. Your wedding means much more to him than a professional shoot. It is an opportunity for him to create living pictures that capture and define the essence of the event. This pride in his work sets him apart from many others in the photography industry.

Relationships have always been important to Mahendra. He prefers to meet with the bride, bridegroom and family before the event, build a warm rapport, gauge needs and aesthetic preferences so he can provide the best possible service. Mahendra's reputation has not been built on slick marketing, bogus claims and bargain basement prices, but on the sheer quality of his work. He is a thoroughly nice man who wants to make your wedding special. His particular expertise is in photography and the delivery of beautiful and authentic pictures. He uses these gifts professionally to leave you with a legacy that will celebrate your special day and remain in your family for generations. You won't be disappointed!

"Mahendra Halai is one of the UK's finest wedding photographers."

A qualified Member of the SWPP,

As seen on the BBC's "Strictly Soulmates" 2012.

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